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We work with the largest banks and investment companies. In one place You get available the following services: insurance, investments, tax planning, luxury real estate, immigrational consulting (alternative citizenship, residence permit, permanent residency), GR

We offer access to over 130 financial markets worldwide and 45 000 trading instruments, including stocks, bonds, futures, options, ETFs and others.

Independent expertise

Partners, Prime Brokers* and Counteragents

Current offers

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«Supreme» Strategy

Join the absolute return strategy and increase your capital even during crisis

Current offers

Invest into MF funds on IIA

Receive 156 000 rubles from government along with the investment returns

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+10% annually in EUR

Invest in German land. Earn like an institutional investor

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Best Hedge Funds

Index alike profitability with 3 times lower volatility. Ultimate Hedge Funds available for you

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Structured products

Structured notes from top international banks. Advanced solutions to meet your needs.

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Deposit Alternatives

High-Yield Bonds and debt from reliable issuers

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