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UMGT Evolution

Internship is provided for students and graduates from financial universities

  • basic investments knowledge
  • clear speech and wide outlook
  • responsibility and ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to work and study
  • To get compensated
  • Work in office at Moscow City

Become an investment banker right now

UMGT Evolution is a unique opportunity to jump start your career in the investments without the industry knowledge. This internship is available to the best candidates who have passed the group selection and individual interview. We also offer one internship on a commercial basis.

Just In 3 months you will be able to:
  • get acquainted with international companies - market leaders
  • plunge into the economic and political situation of the country and the world
  • learn how to form investment portfolios
  • gain experience with wealthy clients
  • earn for personal investments

Past internships reviews

ava 1

Alexey Akimov

Student at GUU

During my 5 months that I worked at UnderManagement, I’ve encountered many failures, recognized my weaknesses, struggled with them, and again faced failures. And although I have not yet reached my goal of becoming the best investment banker in this country, I can definitely say that I have gained an enormous experience, knowledge and made many new useful acquaintances here. And it costs a lot!

ava 2

Kirill Konovalchuk

Student at Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

UnderManagement is a unique company. It collaborates with major banks and investment companies: ATON, Allianz, Interactive brokers, UBS, and others. We received all the necessary materials on relevant projects and ideas, studied them independently. Then representatives of partner companies came to us, and together we discussed how this or that product really works. Then they put these ideas into practice, observing how everything works.

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